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Drop irrigation of pepper seedlings.Focus in the center.

Promoting climate-smart innovations for healthy soils

HFFA Research supports GIZ with global knowledge sharing on key innovations in climate-smart soil protection and rehabilitation
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Traceability and authenticity of New Plant Breeding Technologies in the EU

HFFA Research GmbH is official partner in four-year Horizon Europe project
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Zongo dam, located in Zongo pass in the altitude of 4700m, Boliv

Navigating Bolivia’s climate challenges: Strategies and solutions for water and agriculture

New cost-benefit analyses for climate change adaptation measures published
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agroforestry system, men picking limes on a plantation, end of t

Climate resilient agriculture: A closer look at cost-effective strategies in Cameroon

HFFA Research GmbH carries out cost-benefit-analysis for adaptation options.
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Creating benefits for Zambian farmers by coupling context-specific climate information with local knowledge

Cost-benefit-analysis from HFFA Research GmbH published in latest PIK report
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Grains of ripe coffee in the handbreadths of a person. East Afri

Climate change threatens Uganda’s maize and coffee value chains. How can farmers adapt?

HFFA Research contributes to PIK study on maize and coffee value chains
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agroforestry system, men working on grass pruning

GIZ-KfW Webinar: Unveiling the economic advantages of agroecology

HFFA Research presents preliminary results of a meta-analysis at GIZ-KfW Webinar
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group of African farmers have fun in the fields, they have hoes

Two sides of the same coin: Merging Agroecology and Ecosystem-Based Adaptation

HFFA Research GmbH contributes to study on the synergies of agroecology and ecosystem-based adaptation.
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A drone sprays a yellow field of rapeseed from pests in a cloudy sky, Application of Zzr by Drones - Point application to increase yield

Innovative strength of North Rhine-Westphalian farmers very high

HFFA Research and RUFIS publish study regarding innovation (potential) in North-Rhine Westphalia.
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Methodological guide on how to conduct socio-economic analyses for agroecology projects now also available on and in French.
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Agriculture Uganda Africa

Standing on climate resilient ground

HFFA develops knowledge product on what climate change has to do with agroecology and soils.
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Analyses of socio-economic and environmental effects of agroecological practices

A methodological guidance developed by HFFA Research GmbH
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Hard Working Indian Woman Farmer wearing Saree, and working in h

Implementing agroecology as a systemic adaptation response

Five key messages for decision-makers
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World map made of grain, rye, wheat, oat, barley, millet and spe

Food security and the EU’s Green Deal: why we need a new perspective

HFFA publishes joint report with Opera Research
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Happy indigenous woman with fresh vegetables in her truck, rural

Aligning Agroecology and Ecosystem-based Adaptation

Technical input for finalizing GIZ report
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Farmers with drone on field

Agricultural Innovation in North Rhine-Westphalia

Report on innovative developments in the regional agri-food sector
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séchages des oignons

Creating economic evidence for agroecological practices

New project launched on behalf of GIZ
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Rock formation at Sahara desert near Tchirozerine region, Agadez, Niger

How can farmers in Niger adapt to climate change?

HFFA co-authored a report published by PIK
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Agricultural land requirements for biodiversity-promoting measures and policies in Germany

How much arable land will be needed for the protection of biodiversity in the future?
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New botanical life growing in special conditions

Publication on the economic and environmental impact of the Community Plant Variety Rights System

Successful project finalization for the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
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Assessments of Climatic Impact Drivers published

How will the climate change in the future?
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Ackerbau, Pflanzenschutz - auf einem Getreidefeld wird gespritzt

Taxation of plant protection products

New study examines the effects of a potential tax or levy on plant protection products in Germany
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tractor spraying glyphosate pesticides on a field

A closer look at reduction potentials

Recent study assesses reduction potentials for pesticides and fertilizers
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20220203 AMW-AA (51)

ProSoil Workshop Addis

Insightful workshop on climate change adaptation monitoring in Addis Ababa
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Researcher analyzing agricultural grains and legumes in the labo

Article published in European Seed magazine

Steffen Noleppa, Managing Director of HFFA Research GmbH, contributed to European Seed magazine
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Overlooking view of Nabou, a gurunsi village in Southwest Burkina Faso during the rainy season (july-september), West Africa.

How can farmers in Burkina Faso adapt to climate change?

HFFA co-authored a report published by PIK
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School lab exploring methods of plant breeding. Practical chemis

Study on Economic Contributions of the Plant Variety Rights System in the European Union

Research project commissioned by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
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Climate change adaptation in Northern Ghana

New study with HFFA Research GmbH contribution published
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Three ripe tomatoes on green branch.

Addendum on recent study published: The socio-economic and environmental values of plant breeding in the EU – tomato and alfalfa

Breeding efforts on tomato and alfalfa contribute to socio-economic and environmental benefits in the EU and selected member states.
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agriculture plant seeding growing step concept in garden and sunlight

Study published: The socio-economic and environmental values of plant breeding in the EU

Plant breeding contributes to socio-economic and environmental benefits in the EU and selected member states.
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Mongolian spring wheat and potato yields and climate change

Study published by HFFA Research GmbH.
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Hands of farmer holding soil and fresh young green plant together

HFFA Research supports climate change adaptation monitoring of GIZ ProSoil project

New assignment on soil protection and rehabilitation commissioned by GIZ.
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agricultural trial fields in Mecklenburg, Germany

Peer-reviewed paper on the economic impact of exchanging breeding material

Ex-post analysis of the economic benefits of exchanging breeding material of 133 winter wheat varieties in Germany.
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Bananenstaude 600

Study published: The impact of Climate Change on banana production in Latin America

The paper analyzes the impacts of climate change on banana production in Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.
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Assessing the qualifications and the labour market situation for agricultural professionals in Mongolia

New study commissioned by the German-Mongolian Coopreation Project for Sustainable Agriculture (DMKNL).
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Climate change impacts on banana producing regions of latin america

Climate change impacts on banana production in Latin America: new GIZ project together with PIK

(Where) does banana production have a future in the face of climate change? Our team has just been commissioned to...
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Agriculture and climate change – perspectives from China and Germany

New report published: Agriculture and climate change – perspectives from China and Germany

A new report published by the Sino-German Agricultural Centre (DCZ) discusses some of the climate change impacts and mitigation options...
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Coping with climate change impacts in Sub Saharan Africa

Coping with climate change impacts in Sub Saharan Africa: how can farmers in Niger and Burkina Faso adapt?

Together with researchers from PIK, we are currently preparing two additional national studies in the framework of the AGRICA Project.
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Improving the sustainability of Ubekistan's cotton production

Improving the sustainability of Uzbekistan’s cotton production

Uzbekistan's cotton sector is currently in the middle of a massive transformation process. But how can it actually be made...
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How will Mongolian spring wheat and potato yields be influenced by climate change until 2050?

Research results presented at international conference in Ulaanbaatar.
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Sino-German Agricultural Week in Beijing & new HFFA Research Briefing published!

Following the Sino-German Agricultural Week in Beijing in November 2019, we have just published a new HFFA Research Briefing on...
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Economic impacts of plant breeding – Sophia Lüttringhaus at the 1st International Wheat Congress

Find out more about our newest research results presented in Canada this summer.
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Climate change impacts on European crop production – new HFFA Research Paper published!

How is European crop production affected by climate change? Our newly published HFFA Research Paper 01/2019 has all the answers.
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A cost-benefit analysis of climate change adaptation measures for Ethiopia

What are the costs and benefits of different agricultural adaptation measures in Ethiopia? Through our participation in the AGRICA project,...
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HFFA Research to contribute to climate component of the BMEL’s Bilateral Cooperation Programme

Our expertise will specifically be provided to projects in China and Mongolia.
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HFFA Research to participate in the 1st International Wheat Congress

Our newest research results focusing on wheat and on the effects of the breeder's exemption in Germany will be presented...
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On assignment: HFFA Research to evaluate the BMEL’s German-Russian Agricultural Policy Dialogue (APD)

A final report including recommendations on a potential future phase of the APD has been provided today.
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(How) is the territorial development approach benefitting rural areas around the world?

Our team has recently analyzed five territorial development projects implemented by the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ) to answer these...
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Our new website is online!

Right on time for this year's International Green Week Berlin, we are happy to announce the launch of our website!
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A multi-market model for the Tajik Ministry of Economic Development and Trade

Our team just returned from a workshop in Tajikistan, where it presented the final tool to minitry staff and GIZ...
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Which climate change adaptation measures in Egypt are most cost-efficient?

We are now collaborating with the International Climate Initiative (IKI) in their project "Political dialogue and knowledge management on low...
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How can the agricultural sector in Lithuania improve biodiversity conservation?

We will answer this and other questions within the framework of the project "Optimizing the Management of Natura 2000 Network...
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HFFA-Model: new Paper explains the theoretical background and functioning of our modelling approach

Have you ever wondered how we derive our study results? You can find a detailed explanation on the HFFA-Model in...
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We are tweeting!

You can now find us on twitter. Follow us to stay informed about our studies and activities!
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agricultural trial fields in Mecklenburg, Germany

Partnership with HFFA e.V. expires

HFFA e.V. no longer shareholder of HFFA Research GmbH
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Poultry meat production: research paper now available in English and German

Modern productive technologies are often criticized for their alleged negative impacts. This is also the case for poultry meat production...
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Study on the economic and environmental effects of Metazachlor published

What impact does the herbicide metazachlor have on EU oilseed rape production? Have a look at our newest research paper...
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The hidden danger in food and feed: new report about mycotoxins in cooperation with The Andersons Centre

Our new report highlights the importance of science-based measures and policies to decrease an important and emerging danger in food...
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EU environmental standards: New HFFA Research Paper explores the associated costs for the German agricultural sector

Our latest study commissioned by the German Farmers’ Association (DBV – Deutscher Bauernverband) analyses the costs associated with the EU's...
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Chapter contribution to the book “Creating Sustainable Bioeconomies – The bioscience revolution in Europe and Africa“

Harald von Witzke and Steffen Noleppa contributed a chapter titled “A European perspective – The case for a highly productive...
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Sustainable agriculture in Saudi Arabia: Developing an effective implementation strategy with national decision-makers

We will take part in a project to provide comprehensive advice on how to implement a sustainable agricultural policy strategy...
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Viet Nam’s UPOV membership boosted its plant breeding sector

What are the socio-economic benefits of promoting plant variety protection in Viet Nam? Our new study has all the answers.
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Newly updated HFFA Research study “Societal benefits of plant protection in Germany” now available

A newly updated version of the HFFA Research study on the benefits of plant protection in Germany is now available...
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Demonstrating the value of modern chemical plant protection: visualized summary paper now available

Our findings have now been published in an easily comprehensible and visualized summary paper by the Industrieverband Agrar (IVA).
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New HFFA Research paper published: The economic and environmental costs of banning neonicotinoides in the EU

Our newest HFFA Research Paper 01/2017 analyses the costs of an EU ban on neonicotinoids, specifically for the case of...
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HFFA Research wins tendering of TAB-project „Challenges for plant breeding“

In an expert report commissioned by the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag (TAB), we will explore the...
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HFFA Research paper explores the economic and environmental impacts of fungicide active ingredient Epoxiconazole

Our latest HFFA Research Paper explores the yield and cost effects caused by epoxiconazole, a fungicide active ingredient used extensively...
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What is the impact of different farming methods on biodiversity? New study results in English out now

The English version of one of our latest studies dealing with the impact of different land management systems on regional...
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HFFA Research Paper on Agri-Ecological Partnerships now available in German

Our latest research results presenting the concept of Agri-Ecological Partnerships is now also available in German.
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What is the societal value of plant breeding? New HFFA Research results presented in Brussels

Managing Director, Dr. Steffen Noleppa, presented the results of the latest HFFA Research study at a high-level event in Brussels...
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Agri-Ecological Partnerships: HFFA Research Paper presents new concept for the resolution of land use related conflicts

Our new study investigates a promissing new concept to help balance the interests of agriculture with the concerns of environmental...
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New research results presented at International Green Week Berlin

Our new research results on agricultural land use and biodiversity have been published today. They were presented in a press...
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New HFFA Research paper on EU agricultural land trade and self-sufficiency published today

What are the consequences of EU agricultural trade for land use on a global scale? Our new HFFA Research Paper...
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HFFA Research publishes study on mycotoxins in corn

Dr. Steffen Noleppa, Managing Director of HFFA Research, presented his new study on Mycotoxins in maize: economic consequences for agricultural...
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Water impacts of intensive agriculture: new HFFA Research study deals with benefits of agricultural producvitity in the EU

In our newest research paper, we take a closer look at virtual water trade and water productivity in the EU...
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HFFA Research Managing Director gave invited speech at Green Week Berlin

Managing Director Dr. Steffen Noleppa gave a talk on “Bio-economy and global food security: Putting things into context” as part...
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HFFA Research GmbH has moved into new office

We are now located in the heart of the city, in Berlin-Schöneberg.
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First HFFA Research Paper published

In their paper, authors Steffen Noleppa and Matti Cartsburg (both HFFA Research) take a closer look at virtual land trade...
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HFFA Research GmbH officially registered

HFFA Research has been officially registered today. The company is now ready to start its business activities.
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