Agricultural land requirements for biodiversity-promoting measures and policies in Germany

There is a multitude of political reform projects and measures for the protection of biodiversity in agricultural landscapes in the EU and in Germany. Despite the diversity of the measures, they all have in common that they restrict conventional arable farming, either through a complete set-aside of land or through a change in farm management. This leads to the question: How much arable land in terms of area will directly or indirectly be needed in Germany for the protection of biodiversity now and in the future?


Our new HFFA Research report identifies the most important reform projects and measures that have such an effect on arable farming in Germany and, in a further step, estimates the land requirements of these measures. The analysis was conducted in collaboration with Dr. Wilhelm Klümper, an external freelance consultant.


The launch and presentation of the publication’s results took place in June 2022 during a press conference of BASF SE, the initiator and supporter of the study. Information of the event, including a link to the HFFA Research publication (in German language), are available online on the BASF website.


For more information on the project, you can also visit the HFFA Research website here.