HFFA Research wins tendering of TAB-project „Challenges for plant breeding“

HFFA Research won the tender for the Challenges for Plant Breeding project, put out by the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag (TAB). This project will provide a review of the potential and future tasks, as well as the strength and weaknesses of German conventional and ecological plant breeding, taking into consideration aspects such as climate change, a further growing world population and the rising biomass demand of a future bioeconomy.


The first part of the expert report to be provided by HFFA Research will explore the structural changes in plant breeding and its specific determinants. The second part will bundle information about ongoing public and private research activities in the sector. Here, a special focus will be on the different types of crops as well as on their different varieties. The geographical focus of the reports is on Germany, however, relevant data and the development of the plant breeding sector will be set into a European and global perspective as well.


The expert report by HFFA Research will provide information to the TAB, so it can update the German Bundestag about the situation of plant breeding in Germany. The report will also be the basis for discussing current and future needs for action in this sector with the Bundestag.


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