Sino-German Agricultural Week in Beijing & new HFFA Research Briefing published!

In November 2019 international experts in agriculture came together for the 5th Sino-German Agricultural Week in Beijing, where several Sino-German cooperation projects presented their achievements and future programs.


On November 18, a dedicated expert team on the topics of agriculture and climate change hosted a session to discuss the major climate change challenges in both countries and to present the work that had been done during the Sino-German knowledge exchange. For HFFA Research, Sophia Lüttringhaus presented the climate change impacts on crop production in Germany and explained some adaptation and mitigation options that are created by plant breeding.


These findings have now been published in a separate and brand new Research Briefing (HFFA Research Briefing 2019/01) that you can download from our website. Do find out more about the Sino-German Agricultural Week and the preceding knowledge exchange by following the link below.


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