What we do

HFFA Research is an independent scientific consultancy on key issues in global agriculture, environment and development. Our aim is to deliver top quality research, consulting and evaluation services. By basing our work on the latest state of research, and presenting our results in a ready-to-use format, we help our clients from business, politics and academia address global challenges and achieve their goals in a complex and rapidly evolving world.

Our Topics

Agriculture – Environment – Development. These three topics define our areas of expertise, and constitute the focus of our work. These topics are closely intertwined and highly interdependent, resulting in a complex overall system. Modern and globalized agricultural production, trade and markets are influenced by a multitude of variables, as is the development of rural areas and the provision of ecosystem services. Our studies and projects focus on the following topics and themes:


Modern agriculture is an important economic sector and plays a crucial role in providing healthy and nutritious food to a fast growing world population. Developments such as climate change, changing dietary preferences, but also the emergence of new sectors such as the bioeconomy increase the need for sustainable agricultural production and productivity growth.

Subtopics Agriculture

  • Plant Breeding
  • Plant Protection
  • Livestock
  • Farm Economics
  • International Agriculture Trade
  • Value Chain Analysis


Natural resources and ecosystem services are the basis for agricultural production and often a key driver for the development of rural areas. At the same time, the environment is impacted by agricultural activities, and natural capital is being continuously degraded and destroyed. Climate change is a major challenge, already having strong impacts on human economic activities worldwide.

Subtopics Environment

  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaption
  • Biodiversity
  • Land Use
  • Water Use
  • Ecosystem Services


Poverty, inequality, the prevalence of infectious diseases, environmental degradation and lacking adaptation to climate change remain pressing global issues – and are often especially pronounced in rural areas. Strategies and interventions need to be targeted towards addressing these issues and enabling a sustainable development for all.

Subtopics Development

  • Rural Development
  • Territorial Development
  • Human Development

Global Focus

Based in Berlin, our team has ample international experience allowing us to cover all world regions. Since 2014, we have taken part in projects and studies in the following countries:

Our Services

We offer tailor-made solutions in the areas of scientific consulting, research, assessments, and project evaluations for stakeholders from all sectors. Our work focuses on key issues in agriculture, environment and development, and is based on the latest state of research in the fields of natural and social sciences.

Our studies, projects and publications cover a variety of topics, such as plant breeding, plant protection, livestock, farm economics, international agricultural markets and trade, value chain analysis, climate change mitigation and adaptation, biodiversity, land use, water use, ecosystem services, rural development, territorial development and human development. We attach great importance to presenting our results in a ready-to-use format, ensuring that clients can make full use of the value of our services.

Scientific Consultancy

Up-to-date scientific and technological knowledge should be at the basis of any decision. As scientific knowledge is constantly evolving, our scientific consultancy services help decision-makers from politics and business alike to get access to the underlying facts. Our team takes a closer look at complex issues and interrelations, and combines scientific data analysis and fact finding with an easy-to-understand presentation of the results and pointed practical recommendations.


Agriculture, environment and development are closely intertwined and highly interdependent, resulting in a complex overall system. With the help of HFFA Research’s proprietary economic models and methods, our team of interdisciplinary researchers is skilled in analyzing existing challenges in these fields. Through the use of selected quantitative and qualitative research methods, we uncover hidden connections in order to better understand complex interrelations. Our holistic approach includes relevant research in the fields of agricultural and life sciences, economics, market research and political science.

Assessments & Evaluations

The effectiveness of projects and interventions in the fields of agriculture, environment, and development is not easy to measure. Our team is experienced in preparing feasibility studies, and in evaluating and assessing projects around the world. By using state of the art methods, we document the accomplishments, point to existing challenges, and provide recommendations and strategies for future interventions.

Partnerships and cooperations are a key component of how we work. If necessary, our team will identify and collaborate with internationally renowned third-party experts to provide the most targeted research. Our clients range from businesses to governments, from political institutions to nonprofits and academia.