What is the societal value of plant breeding? New HFFA Research results presented in Brussels

Managing Director, Dr. Steffen Noleppa, presented the results of the latest HFFA Research study at a high-level event in Brussels today. The event was hosted by the European Technology Platform Plants for the Future (Plant ETP) in collaboration with Mr. Jasenko Selimović, Member of the European Parliament.


The presented results describe the manifold benefits that plant breeding offers to society, and show that plant breeding innovations are central, especially in the face of upcoming global challenges like population growth, land scarcity and climate change. Accordingly, plant breeding has been responsible for huge yield increases, improving conditions on international markets, increasing the potential world food supply, and reducing CO2 emissions. According to the authors, quantifying the benefits is important to facilitate an unbiased public debate on the value of historic, current and future genetic crop improvements for specific socio-economic and environmental objectives.


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