Thai translation of our study on the benefits of Viet Nam’s UPOV membership now available

We are very happy to share this news: our study on the socio-economic benefits of Viet-Nam’s membership in the UPOV (International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants) has just been made available also in Thai!


Originally published as HFFA Research Paper 03/2017, the study focuses on the significant progress Viet-Nam has made in the development of new plant varieties, ten years after joining the UPOV in 2006. It shows in detail how Viet Nam’s membership has helped to improve farmers’ livelihoods and how it has had a major impact on the sector’s overall income.


The Thai version of HFFA Research Paper 03/2017 can now be downloaded from the UPOV website. The study is also available in English and Vietnamese.


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