Innovative strength of North Rhine-Westphalian farmers very high

Part two of the study regarding North Rhine-Westphalia as a location foragricultural innovation has been published on behalf of Bayer Crop Science Germany and in cooperation with RUFIS. This publication builds upon the previously published first part of the study, which describes the innovation potential and status quo of agriculture as well as food production in North Rhine-Westphalia. Many different actors of the food and agricultural sector are highlighted, including upstream and downstream sectors. More information regarding the first part of the study may be viewed here.


Part two of this study builds upon this foundation and substantiates as well as further analyzes the findings from the first publication. Additionally, the conditions and framework for research and development are discussed in a more in-depth manner as well as North Rhine-Westphalia’s agricultural innovation policy. The state’s policies and institutions are also considered in comparison to other German and even European institutions and special consideration is given to agricultural innovation in post-Brexit UK.


The first part of the study (in German language) may be downloaded here and the second part of the study (also in German language) may be found here here.