Agri-Ecological Partnerships: HFFA Research Paper presents new concept for the resolution of land use related conflicts

In our latest HFFA Research Paper 02/2016, published today, authors Helmut Karl (Ruhr University Bochum), Steffen Noleppa and Lina Staubach (both HFFA Research) present the concept of Agri-Ecological Partnership (AEP) as a tool for the resolution of land use related conflicts.


In many cases incompatible interests of land users will lead to land use conflicts, as is commonly observed between farmers and environmentalists. The aim of the now presented AEP concept is to balance the interests of agriculture and extended agribusiness with the concerns of environmental protection and resource conservation, in order to minimize these land use conflicts. The study investigates possibilities and restrictions as well as opportunities and risks of the AEP concept, and discusses how AEP could actually work in practice.


The study was conducted in close cooperation with the Ruhr-Forschungsinstitut für Innovations- und Strukturpolitik e.V. (RUFIS).


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