GIZ-KfW Webinar: Unveiling the economic advantages of agroecology

On September 21, 2023, HFFA took part in a joint GIZ-KfW Webinar series on the economics of agroecology. After an enlightening presentation of Altus Impact on the economic advantages of agroecological farming in Haiti, our colleagues Alica Nagel and Juliane Kaufmann presented the preliminary results of an investigation that delved deep into studies conducted across Benin, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Tunisia, and India under the GIZ Global Programme Soil Protection and Soil Rehabilitation for Food Security (ProSoil). To understand the economic viability and societal impact of agroecological practices, these studies explored various agroecological approaches, from farm-level strategies to landscape-scale initiatives, all centered on soil protection and rehabilitation.


In sum, the event underscored how agroecological practices offer multifaceted socio-economic benefits. Embracing these approaches not only bolsters farmers‘ incomes but also encourages knowledge exchange and community cohesion. It’s a leap towards more equitable and resilient agricultural food systems, forging a path where economic prosperity harmonizes with environmental sustainability.


The final results of the investigation will be published shortly. We will keep you informed.