Aligning Agroecology and Ecosystem-based Adaptation

How can ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) to climate change on the one hand, and agroecological approaches on the other hand be better aligned with the aim to create resilient and sustainable food systems?

So far, there is still insufficient information available on how ecosystem rehabilitation, climate change adaptation and mitigation as well as agricultural development can be planned and implemented alongside each other to tackle the multiple challenges humanity is facing today.


In order to bring closer together the EbA and agroecology knowledge communities, the Global Project Mainstreaming EbA – strengthening ecosystem-based adaptation in planning and decision-making processes and the Sector Project Rural Development from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH have commissioned a report to address this conceptual gap and to stress potential synergies.


HFFA Research GmbH is pleased to have been selected by GIZ to support the finalization of the report through a technical editing process in close coordination with relevant partners.


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