Plant protection

In the following studies, we look at different categories of plant protection: fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and growth regulators. We analyze their influence on crop quality, quantity as well as their socio-economic and environmental effects. Usually we first look at the farm level effects when certain products enter or exit the market. Thereby we also consider possible resistance developments. As a next step in our studies, we look at the broader, sectorial and also national, regional and global consequences. These become apparent in the overall changes of crop yields, trade volumes and the effects on resource usage and the environment. This environmental assessment encompasses calculations regarding global biodiversity, land use change, greenhouse gas emissions and water use. Hereby we compare different pest and disease management strategies which are used in conventional and organic farming. Furthermore, we analyze certain plant diseases and their implications for animals and humans, and their economic effects for farmers and the overall sector along the value chain as well as the quality of our daily nutrition (e.g. mycotoxins).


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