The Humboldt Forum for Food and Agriculture (HFFA) e.V. is an international platform and think tank which brings together leaders from science, industry and civil society to discuss the future of global food security and agriculture. Together, we strive to develop feasible strategies for implementation.


HFFA e.V. publishes reports for the public, media, lawmakers, policy administrators, and government representatives. Our aim is to inform the public debate, and to seek the dialogue with all interested parties about world food and agriculture.


HFFA e.V. was founded in 2010 and is registered with No. VR 29351 (Court of Registration: Berlin-Charlottenburg). Its Executive Committee consists of Dr. Steffen Noleppa (President, Berlin), Dr. Anja Klatt (Vice President, Neustadt) and Petra Stolp (Treasurer, Merseburg). The Executive Committee acts as the editor of HFFA e.V.’s publications and organizes the platform’s events.

Recent publications and upcoming events, as well as further information material on HFFA e.V. will soon be added here.


For further information, please contact: petra.stolp@hffa-research.com.