HFFA Research publishes study on mycotoxins in maize

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Today, Steffen Noleppa, Managing Director of HFFA Research GmbH, has presented a new study on economic consequences of mycotoxins in maize. In recent years maize, being cultivated on over 20 percent of Germany’s arable land, has seen increased contamination with mycotoxins. The objective of this study is to analyze if mycotoxin contamination is a growing threat for maize production in Germany as well as to discuss economic consequences of continuing problems with high mycotoxin concentrations for agriculture and the subsequent value chain.

The new study can be downloaded here:

pdficon_small Mykotoxine im Mais. Wirtschaftliche Konsequenzen für Ackerbau, Nutztierhaltung und Wertschöpfung in Deutschland // Steffen Noleppa // 2015