Environmental economics

Today climate change, environmental problems as well as demographic and economic changes lead to significant challenges for sustainable land use. From a global perspective agriculture is the predominant user of land resources. Thus, the sector’s effect and potential for environmental protection are huge but also complex. Agricultural activities influence the environment in many ways, including its impact on biodiversity, greenhouse gas emissions and water use. As a consequence, decision-making in regard to agri-environmental policies and business opportunities often faces a manifold of trade-offs between different economic, environmental and societal goals. It is in this multidimensional setting that we analyze the reciprocal effects between agriculture and the environment from different perspectives. One of the central characteristics of our work is to not only include a local or national but also a more globalized perspective when it comes to assess the environmental consequences of land use choices and different agricultural and rural management systems.

Please find below our studies in the field of environmental economics.

pdficon_small Der Einsatz von Epoxiconazol im Getreideanbau. Eine Analyse ökonomischer Auswirkungen und von Umwelteffekten für Deutschland und die Europäische Union unter besonderer Berücksichtigung zunehmender Resistenzen // Steffen Noleppa, Sophia Lüttringhaus // 2016

pdficon_small Plant protection in Germany and biodiversity. Impacts of conventional and organic land management practices on regional and global species richness // Steffen Noleppa // 2016

pdficon_small Agri-Ecological Partnership. Overcoming the deadlock of environmental and resource protection in rural areas // Helmut Karl, Steffen Noleppa, Lina Staubach // 2016

Agrar-Ökologische Partnerschaft – ein Weg aus der Sackgasse des Umwelt- und Ressourcenschutzes im ländlichen Raum //Helmut Karl, Steffen Noleppa, Lina Staubach // 2016

pdficon_small Pflanzenschutz in Deutschland und Biodiversität. Auswirkungen von Pflanzenschutzstrategien der konventionellen und ökologischen Landbewirtschaftung auf die regionale und globale Artenvielfalt // Steffen Noleppa // 2016

pdficon_small The social, economic and environmental value of agricultural productivity in the European Union. Part II: Impacts on water trade and water use // Steffen Noleppa, Matti Cartsburg // 2015