Focus Areas

Modern and globalized agricultural production, trade, markets and rural development are impacted by a multitude of variables. Among these are agricultural policies, weather shocks, climate and environmental changes as well as new management options and technological innovations. All of these influence – to a more or lesser degree – the performance of individual farmers, regional agricultural sectors, value chains and the agronomic situation of a whole state or even the world at large. At the same time, not only a growing world population and changing dietary preferences but also the emergence of new economic sectors, like the bio-economy, increase the need for further sustainable agricultural productivity growth.

Thus, the challenges and opportunities for agricultural production and rural development are very diverse and need to be thoroughly analyzed. Against this multifactorial background, we provide various consultancy services to evaluate the economic, environmental and social performance of different agricultural activities and policies.

In this section, you can find our studies with either a focus on policy evaluation/cost-benefit analysis, natural resources and environmental management, plant breeding or plant protection.