Mission Statement

The business purpose of the HFFA Research GmbH is to provide scientific consultancy and research on key issues in German, European and world agriculture which are of political and public interest. We render these services to different stakeholders ranging from industry to government and from NGOs to academia.

Scientific and technological knowledge form the basis of many political, regulatory and public decisions. However, due to the complex nature of a constantly evolving scientific basis, it is often extremely difficult, time consuming and sometimes even impossible for political and other decision-makers to get a practical and understandable access to the underlying facts. Moreover, many data have not been generated with the purpose of supporting political decision-making. Thus, there is an increasing demand for scientific data analysis and fact-finding combined with an easily understandable presentation of these.

The HFFA Research GmbH is satisfying this market demand. We offer support for decision-making procedures in political institutions, industry or NGOs by providing relevant facts and data related to issues of local, national and international agricultural policies. For these purposes our work focuses on relevant scientific research in the field of chemistry, biology, agricultural and life sciences. It encompasses diverse disciplines of social sciences such as economics, market research and political science, which are impacting agricultural developments on different levels. Thus, HFFA Research GmbH is a unique and innovative solution provider in this market.

The HFFA Research GmbH conducts and creates scientific analyses, studies, expertise and publications in a ready-to-use format for public decision-makers or clients dealing with these. Our services are strategic consulting, project management, scientific research and – if necessary – the identification of internationally renowned third-party experts who provide targeted research. This also includes the development of communication materials, ensuring that customers receive the full value of our services.